The Real Difference Between UX and UI In Web Design According To Mandreel

by Joaquin Taylor

Whether you know a lot or a little about web design, you’ve probably heard at some point about the “user experience” (UX) and “the user interface” (UI). However, not everyone knows exactly these concepts and many tend to confuse them occasionally. That’s why Mandreel took the time to explain the difference between these terms, which the agency also offers as part of its services.

The first thing we must know is that any brand with a website must have UX and UI. Now, the user experience (UX) is not only about what the consumer does on a site but also reflects what the consumer feels and thinks when browsing the site. Even when they are browsing through different computers, smartphones, or other devices.

Likewise, UX is also reflected in the use of applications. And that is why we often see users choosing one application among others that do the same. But what makes them choose that application?

The term user experience emerged after research by professor and researcher Donald Norman, who mentioned that if we only considered the usability of the interface (UI), it would not make sense for a user to choose one application over another if both fulfill the same function. And that’s when Norman decided to create the concept of user experience.

Since then the user experience (UX) is considered in many areas, not only in web design, allowing to get to know more precisely the way a user behaves in a website or an application and thus find solutions to the problems that prevent him from having a satisfactory experience on the site. 

Likewise, the UX not only seeks to study the user’s behavior but also to know the thoughts and emotions of the user when navigating the website. So to avoid the user having a negative experience on a site, it is necessary to perform tests again and again, or to opt for what offers, a prototype. This consists of creating a prototype of the design in which they study the behavior and reactions of both users and the design and then improve it and define the details.

Every aspect of the application or website must be verified to correct all possible errors or complications that could harm the user’s experience on the site. 

And now, what is UI?

The user interface (UI) is just the means by which a consumer interacts with the tool. The interface is also part of the user experience, but only a small part of the design.

However, there are other elements of the UI that Mandreel considers part of the design. Auditory, visual, and even tactile elements are a fundamental part of the UI. Therefore, it is necessary to consider each of them when making a web design.

UX and Workflows

The user experience is clearly involved in the workflows. After all, an important part of the process that is worked from UX is the creation of consumer scenarios. professionals have the necessary capacity to establish all possible scenarios for the same brand, web, or app. They predict what the user can do, how he will do it and thus provide an efficient solution for each of his actions.  

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