Stamp and its Advantages Around the Office

by Joaquin Taylor

Company stamp is a tool that is used by many businesses from small to large corporations. It was used a lot more and it held greater importance in the past. However, now it is less required and its power has been watered down because of this. A company stamp used to be a must in order for a document to get approved or authorized before it is released from the company. Now, a signature from the company’s authority is sufficient. However, a company stamp may still be needed as it gives a touch of more propriety and professionalism. A signature may be faked, but it is difficult to copy a company stamp because there is only one of it.

Around the office, stamps are also used for less formal and legal purposes. As it is a very versatile tool, you can customize your own stamp to fit your needs around the office and make it helpful for you to complete works easier.

Here are several things that a stamp can do for you around your job and why it is something that needs to be present on your office desk.

1. Paperwork or document organizing

A stamp can help you in organizing the paperwork or documents by helping you marking them easily for further actions that should be taken. For example, if you need to approve documents or reject them, you can make two types of stamps saying approved and rejected and have them stamped on the papers. Then you can easily sort the documents that are accepted or rejected. It is easier than writing down what needs to be done and it is also quicker. Stamping also requires less energy than having to write the note on the documents or paperwork.

2. Time-saving, more productive

By being able to work quicker and cutting down the time needed to complete a task such as organizing paperwork as mentioned, you will be left with more time to do other things for the day. This will be able to increase your productivity and enhance your performance at work.

3. Create brand awareness

A stamp that leaves the imprint of your brand or company logo will help you in creating brand awareness in other people. You can stamp your logo in places that are noticeable as well as on various items. That way people will get more familiar with your brand and company name and logo, embedding your brand into their minds. It is a cheap and effective advertising and especially beneficial if you are trying to save money or if you have a limited budget for promotions.

There are a lot more uses of stamps you can take advantage of. In this technology era, you can even integrate technology with the use of stamps, such as stamping QR code on cards or coupons for your clients or customers. This will intrigue them to find out what the QR code leads them to by scanning them. You can direct your customers to your website so that they can find out more about your business, assuring them that you are a credible brand.

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