How to Design a Better Name Card

by Joaquin Taylor

Advertising with name card is a great choice especially if you are a business with a tight budget. Name card advertising is a cost-effective method that is simple and pretty straightforward that it can be done by anyone. Mostly, it is highly recommended for newly starting business to introduce their product or service to prospects or potential customers.

Even though it seems easy, advertising with name cards can get tricky. It cannot be done without planning, or else you’re just going to put your money into something that won’t work.

In its simplicity, the name card has many advantages but also several disadvantages. However, these disadvantages can be overcome if you know what to do with it.

In name card printing, the design of the name card and the quality of the material used for the business card are both equally important. Here are several aspects you need to pay attention to in order to make a good and effective business card for advertising.


Colors play a big role in the design of a name card. You have to put a lot of thought about what color you want to use for your business card. Not only that, the colors of your choice must work well with each other instead of ruining the aesthetic of the display. In choosing the color of a name card, you have to try making a good balance and contrast between light and dark colors or areas. Avoid putting dark colored text on the dark-colored background, and vice versa. The color of the background must be in contrast with the text so that your customers can clearly read what is written on the business card without too much effort.


Ensuring that your name card is easy to be read and seen is very important when you’re designing it. If you clutter your design with too many elements, your name card from Kiasuprint with getting too crowded and it won’t be pleasant to the eyes. Don’t make it too cramped with too many text or pictures. Always make sure that there is enough space between everything so that it will look neater.

One of the tips for making your name card look more compact and tidy is by using bullets and numbering. By making your content in points, it is easier to understand, and it is more straightforward. Thus, your readers can be straightly directed to the core message and have their focus kept on what is important.

Bold headline

The headline of your name card is the part that is the most important. It is on top of the name card, and most likely the first thing people read when they get their hands on the name card. Thus, a headline of a name card must be interesting. To make it pop more, you can print it in bold and uppercase. But that is not enough. What is said on the headline itself must be interesting and convincing, so that people will be interested to read further and understand the whole point of your name card.

Graphics and images

A name card with too much text and worse, text-only is absolutely boring. To add more spice to your name card design, try inserting relevant yet interesting graphics and image. These can even help you in conveying messages more effectively, such as using charts and other infographics.


This is something that is most often overlooked because many people don’t think it’s important to check everything before it goes to the printing step. This step should not be skipped and should be done meticulously.

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