How Does Color Psychology Work On Designs

by Archana Danappa

No one can deny that there is a strong connection between marketing and psychology. There are many studies that have determined that the colors on designs, logos and advertisements are specially thought considering the impact they will have on the audience. 

Color psychology is used in the marketing and advertisement industry because of association. The tones we use on our designs could encourage different emotions on our potential customers. For example, we tend to associate red with passion and love and blue is mostly used on ads that would like to transmit a sense of comfort and calm. So, how does this work on designs? 

  1. Color psychology and its impact on our brains!   

Psychology has its way on our brains, and it could really have a huge impact on our thoughts and emotions. Many studies made from researchers have determined that there is a connection between the color we see and the primal association we do with different feelings and emotions.  

  1. Which colors are associated to which feelings? 

Brands tend to decide what colors scheme their whole business will be in order to what emotion they will like the audience to feel.  

It is mainly used to express joy and energy, which in marketing translates as positivity and high energy. This color irradiates optimism, and it sure does attract the consumers attention right away. Brand’s objective is to present themselves as a fun and cheerful brand which will only bring joy if the audience buys their product or service. 


Very well-known brands are famous for their use of red as part of their logo such as Coca Cola and Netflix. But why red? It has been proved that it sparks excitement on the audience. It is such a powerful color and many different businesses in the food industry tend to use it because it attracts people and triggers their appetite. 


If your brand is looking to generate trust and loyalty for its audience, then blue may be a great option. This color is considered one of the most popular because many brands have chosen it. As it is also associated with intelligence, it may also create a bond with the audience which could make everyone trust your brand to be the best inside its industry. 


This one is a no brainer for those brands that sell natural and fresh products such as plants and food. It is known to be the easiest color for the human vision, and it sets off calming and safety feelings in the audience. Many brands which sell vegetarian and vegan products have been using this color for years now as we tend to associate them with growth and environmental projects. It definitely gives us the sensation of comfort too! 

Being a graphic designer or just a curious brand owner that is trying to get to know the industry and decide which particular color would fit best for their brand, this information may be crucial for your brand.

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