Express Name Card Printing Design Essentials

by Akhila Thirumala

Name card printing is easy to find anywhere. These days, you can even get your name cards printed in a shorter time. If you ever need a name card stack of your own within a quick notice, you should definitely find an express name card printing service. With this kind of service, you can get your name card done within one day. But before you go into the printing process, surely you have to come up with a good design first.

Here are a few quick tips on how you can design a name card that is suitable for quick and high quality printing so that you will be able to get it processed swiftly with no problems.

1. Use Vector Based Program

To design your name card, it is recommended to use a professional designing program. However, not all is great for name card printing. Adobe Photoshop is not very recommended for designing a name card, especially that it requires text placement. Text elements will be exported as bitmap that is made of pixels instead of vector objects with the program. So, you won’t be able to get the best result from it upon printing. Find a software that is vector based for high quality printing, such as InDesign or Adobe Illustrator.

2. Three Printing Plates Maximum

Remember not to use too many plate colors. If you use more than three, there is a high chance that the result will look muddy instead of clean and crisp.

Other than that, you probably will get plates that don’t line up, resulting in a soft or blurred look that you certainly don’t want. With plate colors amounting more than three, there is also a possibility of ink transfer to one another when it is wet, called set-off.

3. Balance Text

The text on the design of your name card should not be too small nor too big. Ensuring legibility creates a good name card that can do its job well. If people struggle to read your name card, then it won’t be effective. From aesthetic perspective, it is not nice either. Some words on the design of your name card may be larger than the other because it should be the focal point of it, such as your name or the company you work for. Then, the other information can be smaller.

4. Avoid Putting Anything Too Close to the Edge

You might have guessed what could happen. Yes, it is likely that the element will get cut off, whether it is a logo or text. There should be nothing within the radius of 4.5 mm from the edge of the name card. If you don’t want any important element of your design to get cut off, definitely remember this as you design.

5. Bleed Area and Crop Marks

Unless the background of your name card is white, you should definitely include a bleed area around the sides of your name card design as well as crop mark so that you can get uniform trimming and help the printer to position the design of your name card while the printing plates are set up.

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