Company Seal Importance and How to Get It

by Archana Danappa

A common seal is a tool that is commonly found around the office. This tool is small yet it holds various advantages. It works by pressing two plates against a piece of paper so that it will leave an embossed impression on it. This embossed impression is usually beneficial to sho show company authorization by the company directors or decision makers. In general, a common seal of a company represents the company, not just one person. That’s why, the matter of a common seal is not something that is to be taken lightly.

Is a Common Seal Mandatory?

As previously mentioned, the common seal is very beneficial in the process of document authorization and authentication. It represents the whole company and shows that a document is good for release and helps the company appear more professional by doing so. A common seal used to be obligatory, but now it is no longer so. However, due to its positive benefits, many companies choose to still use it to preserve the propriety and professionality in doing business.

How to Get a Common Seal

To get a common seal, you have to first make sure that your company is well registered with the government. If you haven’t, you have to check the steps to get your company registered. All steps must be followed so that you can get successfully registered and approved legally by the government. Upon registration, you will receive a company registration number that is to be remembered especially as you request a common seal for your company.

The registration number that the government gives your company should be included in the design of your common seal. Other than that, there’s no other rules regarding the design of a common seal. As long as it looks professional, it should be good enough. It is also important to keep in mind to make it an elegant and easy to read common seal. Try not to include too many things in the design of your company seal because it will only make the imprint confusing later on.

After you’re satisfied with the design, you can hand in the design that you’ve made to a common seal manufacturer. It only takes a few days for a common seal to make. In some cases, you can even find a place that is capable of producing a common seal within twenty four hours if you are in a hurry and wish to get a common seal immediately. However, be aware that choosing a quick common seal production option will definitely cost you more than the usual one.

Depending on the manufacturer, the quality of your common seal may vary. There are of course several decisions that you can make especially considering the budget that you have, but it is advisable to choose a common seal with above average quality so that it can last for a long time. It may cost more for the moment, but it will be able to assist you for years without getting broken too easily.

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