Choosing Between Wooden and Aluminum Easel Stand

by Akhila Thirumala

An easel stand is one of the essentials for an artist that absolutely can’t be looked over. Even though it is not a must, the Singapore easel stand is very convenient in assisting the work of an artist as it supports comfort and can even push creativity and motivation in painting. That’s why, it has been used for so many years by artists around the world. 

These days, not only wood easel stand is available. You can also buy an aluminum easel stand, which is rather a new material for easel stand. If you don’t know which one to get, here is a quick guide on the general description of each along with the advantages and disadvantages sp that you can make up your mind easier: 

1. Wooden Easel Stand 

Wood is the material that is most often used for easel stand because it is the material that has been used since the first time an easel stand is made. The wooden material is undoubtedly sturdy as it possesses enough strength even to handle large sized paintings. Even with the aluminum easel stand available for purchase, a lot of professionals still prefer to use wooden easel stand because of this. The wooden easel stands also have a larger variety of designs compared to the aluminum easel stand. 

2. Aluminum Easel Stand 

The aluminum easel stand, on the other hand, can be more convenient compared to the wooden easel stand because it is sturdy and moreover, lightweight. If you need to move around with this, for example, if you have to use your easel stand from places to places like your working studio, art classes, and more, then you can definitely consider an aluminum easel stand. This material makes it much easier for it to be folded and transported. When you don’t need it anymore,  you can simply store it to give you more space in your studio. Moreover, the aluminum material is easier to clean because the material is non-porous. 

The aluminum easel stand is most often found in the tripod type or style. This type of aluminum easel stand is strong and sturdy enough for basic painting needs. But if you are working with extra large canvases, then you should consider getting a stronger wooden easel stand that can handle giant paintings. 

To summarize it, both types are great depending on your preferences and requirements while working. So, it is important to first truly understand what you want and need to make sure that you are comfortable while working. Also, you should remember to take the budget that you have into account. Generally, the aluminum easel stands are more affordable compared to the wooden type. But if your desired type is not available in the aluminum material, then you have to find wooden easel within the price range that you can afford. 

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