Avoid These 3 Things for a Nice-Looking Sticker

by Akhila Thirumala

Sticker is one of the things most people are interested in. Generally, people who use stickers will use them as a toy and other unique decorations for their favourite items, and also things for commercial purposes. We also often find stickers on various product needs, from stationery to household needs. You can easily make stickers yourself, especially in modern times like now. There are lots of sticker making ideas all over the internet. You only need to type the keywords on your smartphone, and everything will appear according to your wants and needs. There are many ways to make good stickers, one of which is by using an interesting colour combination. However, there are several things that you should avoid in making stickers so that it can be the best and engaging when it is put to display. If you want to find out, read this article to the end.

1. Don’t Clutter Your Layout.

When you’re going to create one, you need to first determine whether you’re going to use picture stickers, text, or a combination of both. This will affect the results of your layout. You are advised to use a simple layout and not using too much unnecessary decoration. Why? Because to avoid the result of the stickers that are not neat nor pleasing to look at. This will also be the opposite of your goal of making it in the first place, that is to promote something. You can imagine if you were in the audience’s shoes, you wouldn’t bother reading or seeing a weird, and not-so-engaging sticker, would you? So make sure you make stickers with a straightforward and uncluttered layout.

2. Excessive Use of Colour

Don’t get me wrong, the use of colour is very important for stickers to be able to stand out. However, most stickers use too many colours or even no colour at all. You need to consider this carefully since colour not only makes your sticker better but also psychologically will affect those who see it. For example, when we are in a red room, psychologically it will make the person more excited and energic. Likewise, the use of other colours will also create different psychological effects. You are advised not to use bright colour combinations at the same time, as this can cause legibility difficulties in the letters, and a faded effect on the image. We recommend that you use dark and light colours together if you want, with different placement of one another.

3. Placing on a Dusted Surface

When you want to stick your sticker on a surface, it is highly recommended that you first clean the surface. This cleaning is to remove dust or dirt that will hinder the sticking process and the strength of the sticker to stick. If you stick it on a dirty and dusty surface, the sticker will easily come off and fall off. Cleaning does not need to be done excessively, dust can be removed by splashing water or blowing from your mouth. Those are the things that you need to avoid. Good luck!  

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