A Brief Guide to Make Your Poster Stand Better

by Akhila Thirumala

A poster stand is a suitable medium for you to use at exhibitions. You can place a variety of important information about the products and services you offer. You can also customize the content, shape, design, and colour of the poster stand that you make. Maybe you often find poster stand in Singapore with a variety of cool informational content, especially in shopping centres. The poster stand maker certainly knows how to make their poster better, so do you! 

1. Put Things in The Right Order 

Placing the portion of content according to its designation is important to do. When you want to make a poster stand, you first need to know what things and information you will use. Put the main information in advance on the poster that you make. Make the size of the information large enough for your potential customers to see and read. After that, you put any additional information after the main information is clearly placed. For example, if you keep your headline in the middle of the poster, then you might consider saving additional information near the headline position. You can place it at the bottom after the headline. The orderly placing of the information will make it easier for readers to get the gist of the information you want to convey. 

2. Use Simplistic Design 

A simple design will not only make it easy for you to read the information but also readers (your potential customers) will read it easily. This is the main concern why you need a simple design. But make no mistake, a simple design does not limit you to be creative and make the poster more ‘alive’. Instead, you can still be creative and provide attractive and engaging designs on the edges of the poster. Just be mindful to not putting any unnecessary and cluttered design in the centre part of the poster. 

3. Keywords 

This is the first hook that will make someone willingly read the poster. Use keywords in your headline, just one or two words with a size large enough. The proportions can be made the same as the main information. How to get keywords from your information? Easy, you only need to choose one or two most appealing words. You can search for references online to find out what words are suitable for your poster. If you want to soft-launch your product. Then you can use ‘the first …’ or you can also use the words ‘discount’ and ‘only today’ on the poster. This will be a good fishing hook for the product/service you are selling. Not only limited to commercial matters, but you can also convey information to the public in general. 

4. Colour 

The choice and use of colour also need attention. Recommendations for selecting several colours that are put together are also on the online reference. You also need to know what kind of information you convey, then adjust it to the design and colour you choose. An engaging and eye-catching colour will be more appealing and easier to read.

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