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Book cover of Havana: Autobiography of a City by Estrada, Alfredo Jose - 9781403975393

Havana: Autobiography of a City

by Estrada, Alfredo Jose

Format: Paperback, Reprint
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Date of publication: 2008-03-18
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Description: Alfredo Jose Estrada's intimate ties to Havana form the basis for this "autobiography," written as though from the city's own heart. Covering the island's five hundred year history, Estrada portrays the adventurers and dreamers who left their mark on Havana, including Jose Marti, martyr for Cuban independence; and Ernest Hemingway, the most American of writers who became an unabashed Habanero. Deeply personal and affecting, "Havana" is the accessible and complete story of the city for the history buff and armchair traveler alike.
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Weight: 353g
Subject Keywords: Humanities,History,Archaeology
ISBN: 9781403975393
Genre: History & Archaeology (Historical)

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