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Book cover of The Forbidden Queen by Anne O'Brien - 9781848452152

The Forbidden Queen

by Anne O'Brien

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harlequin (UK)
Date of publication: 2013-03-01
Shipped From: UK
Price: $13.01

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Description: It's 1415 and Katherine de Valois, the jewel in the French crown, is an innocent pawn in a ruthless political game whereby she is about to be delivered to the loveless arms of Henry V, not for her beauty and not for a treaty of peace but for nothing less than the glittering French crown itself. 'Anna O'Brien has joined the exclusive club of excellent historical novelists' "Sunday Express"
In-Stock: 593
Weight: 469g
Subject Keywords: General Fiction,General
ISBN: 9781848452152
Genre: Fiction (Contemporary & Literary Fiction)

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