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Book cover of The Falcons of Fire and Ice by Karen Maitland - 9780141047454

The Falcons of Fire and Ice

by Karen Maitland

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Date of publication: 2013-03-28
Shipped From: UK
Price: US$9.14

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Description: A dark historical thriller from the author of "Company Of Liars", which is now published in paperback. It is set in the era of the Inquisition in the 16th century. The Royal Falconer is imprisoned and his daughter Isabela is sent on a seemingly impossible quest to win his freedom: she must bring back two rare white falcons from Iceland within the year. But Isabela's quest might hold a more crucial purpose than she could ever imagine and there are those travelling with her who wish her harm.
In-Stock: 1000
Weight: 498g
Subject Keywords: General Fiction,General
ISBN: 9780141047454
Genre: Fiction (Contemporary & Literary Fiction)

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