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Book cover of Little Prisoners by Casey Watson - 9780007436606

Little Prisoners

by Casey Watson

Format: Paperback
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Date of publication: 2012-06-07
Shipped From: UK
Price: US$9.12

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Description: A harrowing and moving memoir about 2 innocent 'unfosterable' children who don't know what it means to be loved. Ashton and Olivia have been so mistreated and neglected by their family that they don't know the most basic of behaviours. The 3rd in the series of foster care memoirs from Watson, following "The Boy No One Loved" and "Crying For Help".
In-Stock: 2618
Weight: 271g
Subject Keywords: Social Sciences,General
ISBN: 9780007436606
Genre: Social Sciences (Race, Culture & Gender)

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